Specialist Teaching

Learning Access offers one-to-one specialist teaching for school children aged 6 to 16 years. Students typically attend after school for one or two hours per week, with follow-up activities to be completed at home. Extra lessons can usually be arranged during school holidays if requested. 

Based on assessment information, a student's individual teaching programme targets areas where support is needed. These may include phonological skills; reading accuracy, fluency and comprehension; vocabulary; spelling; grammar and punctuation; expressive writing and handwriting.

Progress reports are issued at regular intervals during the school year. The reports list the work covered during the preceding weeks and comment on the student's progress in each area of the teaching programme. Proposals for the future programme are also given. From time to time standardized tests are administered and the results compared with the initial assessment to determine how the student has progressed as a result of the tuition. Parents’ consultations can be arranged at any time.