If a learner is unexpectedly struggling to learn to read and dyslexia is suspected, an assessment is recommended. This is the first step in overcoming the barriers to progress. Learning Access is able to offer a range of assessments according to need.

Full Assessment

This is the most comprehensive assessment and takes about 2 hours to complete . Dyslexia is identified when there is a large discrepancy between learners' underlying ability and their attainment in literacy. This kind of assessment consists of  an IQ test, literacy attainment tests and cognitive processing tests.

A full  report detailing the results of the tests, drawing conclusions and making recommendations is provided.

Skills Assessment

This kind of assessment does not include an underlying ability test, but still identifies particular strengths and weaknesses in literacy attainment and processing. It takes about 1 hour 30 minutes. 

The detailed written report includes recommendations for teaching and support. 

Screening Tests

A screening  test for pre-school children from age 4 years 6 months is available. This can identify young children who are at risk of developing dyslexia and guide support in school. 

There is also an adult screening test that can be used to guide teaching and intervention strategies and to decide whether a more comprehensive assessment should be undertaken. Screening tests can usually be completed within 1 hour.

Access Arrangements

Applications for special exam arrangements (such as extra time) for GCSE and A Levels  are submitted by the school. However, Learning Access can help by conducting standardised tests in support of the application.